Sculptor, lives and works in Mantova (Italy) and Tel-aviv. In 2004 receives her diploma in sculpture from "Academia di belle art of Carrara" (Italy).
On the same year opens the company NaTalica art constructions, operating in Israel, constructing sceneries for theater/fashion/TV and events. On the same field works also as artistic director, collecting international experience in New york and Munich, called by top labels as Converse and Levi´s. Her last works as a sculptor are filled with the scenery experiences as well from, when in ´97 was a jeweler in a handcraft workshop Katmandu, Nepal. Here she undertakes the art of miniaturizing objects and of the infinitely small detail. From this zigzag road between scenery-jewelry-sculpture- and the metropolis´, her last project is born, growing over the last 3 years and called, Home Sweet Home.